Martha's Vineyard Regional High School - February 15-17, 2007

 Set & Lighting Design by Ernest W. Iannaccone

 Directed by Kate Murray








More Camelot pics at


 Set Sketches (Using Vectorworks and PhotoShop)


ACT I-1: Hilltop    
ACT I-2: DS Scrim (Bleed thru for scene)

     ACT I- 3: Kings Study
     ACT I-4: Countryside
     ACT I-5: Park
     ACT I-6 & I-9: Terrace
     ACT I-7: Dressing Tents
     ACT I-8: Grandstand
See I-6     ACT 1-9: Terrace
     ACT I-10: Hall in Castle & II-5: Corridor to Queens Chamber
     ACT I-11: Great Hall
See I-6     ACT II-1: Terrace
See I-6     ACT II-2: Terrace
TBD     ACT II-3:Forest
TBD     ACT II-4: Forest
See I-10     ACT II-5; Corridor to Queens Chamber
      ACT II-6: Queens Chamber
     ACT II-7: Greek Chorus
     ACT II-8: Battlefield


 from Proscenium 
  Rear House 
 53'0" appoxNo. 2 Catwalk 
 25'0" appoxNo. 1 Catwalk 
 3'0"Deck Height from House Floor 
 10'-0"Apron DS edge/Pros. Line 
 0' - 0"Proscenium Line 
  SINGLE PURCHASE ( Deck & Loading Gallery)
11'- 8 1/2"ValanceBLACK SCRIM (OLD) w/ Legs
22' - 4"Main DrapeMain Drape w Masking
33' -3"No. 1 ElectricNo. 1 Electric
44' - 4 1/2" TREE
55' - 1/2"Projection Screen w/Blk BorderFOREST BORDER
65' - 8 1/2"No. 1 BorderSNOW 1 (Dead) w/ No. 1 Blk Border & Leg
76' - 4 1/2"No. 1 LegsSNOW 2 (Live)
87' - 7 1/2"No. 2 ElectricNo. 2 Electric
109' - 8 1/2" KINGS STUDY
1110' - 4 1/2" GRAND STAND SHIELDS
1211' - 1/2"No. 2 BorderNo. 2 Blk Border
1311' - 8 1/2"No. 2 Legs (Traveler)No. 2 Legs (Traveler)
1413' - 1/2" ARCHES
1514' - 3 1/2"No. 3 ElectricNo. 3 Electric
  DOUBLE PURCHASE ( Loading Gallery only)
1716' - 0"Blackout (4 leg Panels)White Cyc /BLACK SCRIM (NEW)w/ Legs
1817' - 4"No. 4 BorderNo. 3 Blk Border
1918' - 0"No. 3 Legs 
2018' - 8"No. 4 ElectricNo. 4 Electric
2120' - 0"Traveler - 'Wine Curtain  
2222' - 0"White Cyc w/ Legs 
2322' - 8" Projection Screen STORAGE
2423' - 4" No. 5 Electric
2524' - 0"No. 5 BorderNo. 5 Border (SOUND BAFFLE)
 25' - 2"Upstage Wall - Black 


 PageScene/LocationScene ShiftsFXTimeMusical NumbersSet Dressing/Props
TOS  #16 Tie up Blackout panels/ Great Hall set    
   #4 Tree IN    
   #2 Main Curtain IN    
ACT 1       
    Snow 1.Overture 
   #2 Main Curtain OUT    
1 Hilltop Near Castle  Winter Afternoon  
 7Large Tree w/branches   2.March 
 10    3.I wonder what the King is Doing Tonight 
 11    4.The Simple Joys of Maidenhood 
 17    5.Camelot 
 18    6.Guenevere's Welcome 
 20    7.Camelot (reprise) 
222SAME  Following8.Follow Me 
 23  Scene behind Scrim   
   #4 Tree OUT - #10 Kings Study INScene out   
   Chairs, Candle stands ON    
SHIFT24 #1 DS Scrim OUT - reveal study    
325King's Study  Evening - 5 yrs later 2 Candle Stands, 2 Chairs, Tapestry Stand
SHIFT31 #10 Study OUT,#5 Forest Border IN  9.End of Scene (Reprise Camelot) 
   STRIKE: Chairs, candle stands    
432Countryside  1st of May, months later10.C'est Moi 
 38End of scene  early morning  
539Park near CastleMaypole ON following11. The Lusty Month of May 
 41   afternoon, that day11a. Pellinore's Entrance 
 51    12. The Lusty Month of May (reprise) 
      Take me to the Fair 
SHIFT51 STRIKE Maypole, #5 Forest OUT #11 Arch IN  13. Change of Scene 
652Terrace of Castle  Sundown, 2 weeks later table, decanter, 3 glasses, Vase of flowers
       backgammon game, scroll
 60    14. How to handle a woman 
762Four Dressing tentsTents ON Afternoon15. Tent Scene 
 63 STRIKE: Tents #14 Shields ON  16. The Tumblers 
864Grandstand  following17. The Jousts 
SHIFT69 #14 Shields OUT  18. Change of scene 
970Terrace  evening same day bench
 72    19. Before I Can Gaze at you again 
 75    March to Grand Hall 
   #1 DS SCRIM IN    
1076Corridor in Castle#16 Great Hall IN following20. Finale Act One 
   Thrones, candle stands ON    
1177Great Hall#1 DS Scrim OUT following 2 thrones
 79    End of ACT ONE 
Intermission #2 Main Curtain IN    
   #16 Great Hall to flr - Untie Blackout and fly    
   Strike Thrones, candel stands    
ACT TWO #5 To Enchanted Forest Border    
   #11 Arch IN    
   #2 Main Curtain OUT  21. Entr'Acte 
180Terrace  Afternoon, years later22. Madrigal & If Ever I would leave youtable, bench, scroll
 86    23. The Seven Deadly Virtues 
 87    24. Change of Scene 
288Terrace  Afternoon, month later  
 93    25. What Do the Simple Folk Do? 
  SHIFT#1 DS Scrim IN, #5 Forest Border IN    
   Preset Forest cast    
   #11 Arch OUT    
397Forest  afternoon26. Enchanted ForestScrim???
      26a. Fie on Goodness 
  SHIFTBleed ThruReveal forest thru scrim   
   #1 DS Scrim OUT    
499Forest  following tree stump
 101    27. The Persuasion 
 103    28. The Invisble wall 
 105SHIFT#5 Forest Border OUT, #11 Arches IN  29. Change of Scene 
5106Corridor Ext. Queen's Chamber later that night30. Corridor scene 
 107 #1 Scrim IN  31. Change of Scene/Incidental 
SHIFT  #14 Arches Out, #4 Queen IN    
   Chair, Candle stands ON    
6108Queens Chamber#1 Scrim OUTMoonlight thru windowlater that night  
 110    32. I Loved You Once In Silence 
7113Neutral/timeless#4 Queen OUT, #16 Blackout IN  33. Guenevere 
SHIFT  #16 Blackout OUT    
8118Battlefield  Pre-Dawn  
 119    34. Battle Call 
      35. Farewell 
 122    36. Camelot - Reprise - Finale Ultimo 
      37. Bows 
   #2 Main Curtain IN    

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